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These are the quietest hours of the day. As night falls, you may wish to have a drink. It is especially enjoyable to drink at night during a trip. As you get mellow, your mind will unwind and you may want to sing a song or two. The easygoing barroom that is not being flashy lets you enjoy peace of mind and another glass.

Lounge Enjoy being a traveler. Enjoy being a stranger.

Everybody wishes to be as carefree as a stranger and traveling indeed makes you a stranger to the town. Free from worldly cares, you enjoy meeting new people and by the time you empty another glass, you will have made friends with another traveler like you.

Lounge plan for all you can drink
Men ¥3,000
Women ¥2,000
(excluding karaoke)

* A karaoke room has been newly added.
It accommodates around 10 persons.
¥3,000 per hour for Karaoke use (drinks not included))